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Zac & Zoey: Appisode 1
Hunt For The Secret Treasure
Zac & Zoey stumble upon a treasure map and set out to find the long lost treasure. They search for mysterious clues, solve fun puzzles and much more to find this secret treasure.
Zac & Zoey: Appisode 2
The Penguin Prankster
Zac and Zoey are visiting a zoo when they realise that the penguins have been let out of their exhibit. Will they be able to rescue the penguins and catch the prankster before its too late?
Candy Town Preschool
Candy Themed Kids Puzzles
Play preschool games with an adorable bunny and dashing teddy! Pop Candies, match candies, count candies & much more in this fast paced captivating game for kids!
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Alex The Handyman
Learn about household tools
Become a Handyman! The child has to help Alex the handyman to select the right tool and use the tool to accomplish fun household repair tasks for the Bear family.
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Community Helpers
Get to know your community helpers
Learn about the roles & tools of 12 Community Helpers. The kids also play fun mini games where they are helping the helpers complete their tasks.
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Feed The Animals
What Animals Like To Eat
In this hugely popular app the child has to select the right food item to feed an animal. When you feed the right food item to the animal it will merrily chomp away the food!
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Shape matching puzzles
Buzzle is a top ranked drag and drop puzzle app where the kids learn the names & sounds of different animals, musical instruments, planets, ABCs, 123s & lots more.
Animal Homes
Learn about animal habitats
Find hidden baby animals and take them to their correct homes in this adorable & critically acclaimed kids educational app.
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Animal Kinderland
Eggs or Babies
In this app the children have to decide whether an animal lays eggs or gives birth to babies. The children can interact with the puppies, kittens, calves, cubs & much more.
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Fun With Animals
Animal Names, Sounds & Dance
A gorgeously designed app for the youngest of the children to learn the names and sounds of different animals and watch them do cute actions!
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